Some great wow addons

Hello! I made a tutorial the other day on how to easily get addons for wow.. And I got a request to tell you some good addons.. So here I am! I'm going to tell you all some great addons that I use and could not go without..

NOTE: If you have not read my first tutorial I recommend doing so first..
To download and install the following addons just open curse client and click get more addons.. Then just search for the name of the addon and click install..

Bagnon: This is an amazing addon.. I always used to lose track of where I had my stuff.. and which bags they were in.. But with this addon it just converts all your bags into one giant bag(and your bank) I think this is a must..
Recount: This addon records stats on your DPS, Healing, Ect.. Its really useful because if your in a raid or something and you want to see how you compare to other players it sorts it by damage, dps, or healing.. It also has a function in it to call out in chat the scores so everyone else can view it also..
PlayerScore: This is a very useful addon... it allows you to search a players gear... This is great so if you are in a particular raid you can verify there gear and what not.. Also if your in PvP and you need to look up someones gear it query's the server.. VERY USEFUL..
Omen Threat meter: If you are a tank or even a very good dps this is great to have.. This addon tells you who is pulling the most threat in %. If your a tank this is good so you know who to take the aggro off of... Its also pretty useful if your a dps so you can see if your pulling too much aggro from a weak tank..
Deadly Boss Mod: This is a must if you plan to raid...This addon tells you everything you need to know about the raid boss... it tells you when the boss will use particular cool downs and such so you knowhow to react effectively. Also it has a battlegrounds feature built in which i love because it tells you when certain things will be captured..
Atlas loot: Have you ever been curious as to what can possibly drop from raid bosses? Well this addon tells you what every boss can drop and the probability of it dropping is.. This is great to browse through before raids and such...
Healbot: If you are a healer this addon is essential.. It adds all hte characters in the party to one box where you can easily click the box with different key combinations to heal pllayers... it will tell you when players are low on health.. it will show how much they will be healed from the heals that are on them and it makes everything extremely quick.. This addon is needed if you heal..
Fishing buddy: are you training fishing.. or do you fish alot? This addon helps keep track of where to fish and what your likely to catch wherever you are... its a neat addon to have..
Gathermate: Do you mine or have herbalism? This addon keeps track of where the nodes are whenever you get ore or herb... it puts something on the map each time making it very easy to revisit the location...
Gladius: This is great for PvP... it calls out certain things needed.. show cool downs.. and displays crucial info about opponents.. this is needed for PvP in my opinion..

Auction master: If you use the auction house this addon is great.. it automatically searches the ah for you when you post something and sets the item to that price so you don't need to look it up yourself.. Also it lets you know when you've been undercut and theres a button to cancel auctions that have been undercut... its very useful..
 AddOn control panel: This adds an addons button to the game menu.. it allows you to turn on or off addons without logging out... I love it... its great for saving memory on unused addons and makes everything a breeze..

Well those are some of my favorite addons.. But there are many many more great addons out there... but these are just some of the best in my opinion.. Feel free to leave a comment bellow on your thoughts..


  1. All great addons, I used all of these when I played WoW a while back.

  2. Recount is really good. I use that one.

  3. player score is now pretty much a must have for all pugging activity

  4. Bagnon was my favorite but Player Score has just ruined the game, check out rift for example, no requirements or anything, just get in there and show your team that you are worthy.

  5. Use or have used all of these. They are perfect for what they do. Well done list.

  6. I will be telling my friends who play WoW to read this :)

  7. Great list, I didn't know most of these. thanks.

  8. You've got some really good add ons there. Great list Thanks :)

  9. no Deadly Boss Mods?

  10. Awesome post, What server you play on?